Post-Op Instructions: Porcelain Veneers

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After your porcelain veneers procedure, you may experience a certain level of pain or discomfort. While we will give you a number of veneers aftercare tips, we know other questions may arise after you’ve left our Woodbury office.

We want to make sure your procedure doesn’t inconvenience your busy lifestyle, so we’ve put together some veneers aftercare information.


  • Try to avoid very hot and cold beverages during this time.
  • Chew your food in small bites and use your back teeth only.
  • Avoid sticky foods that could cause the temporary porcelain veneers to loosen or break.
  • Do not floss between the temporary porcelain veneers.
  • Take your prescribed or over the counter pain reliever for the first few days to help with tooth sensitivity.

If your temporary veneers become loose or detached, call our office immediately at 516-921-8010.

Because they’re new, you can expect the teeth with temporary veneers to feel bulkier than normal, but that feeling will go away. In addition, the color may not match the natural color of your teeth. Not to worry, we offer professional teeth whitening services to ensure that all your teeth are pearly white for a dazzling smile.


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Cosmetic and family dentist in Woodbury, NY

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